Monday, November 28, 2005

the end stretch

So i'll be heading back to sunny Cali in a few days and i gotta admit, this whole East Coast trip has given me so much insight on so many things, my mind is blown away by the endless possibilities that has been set in front of me.

Much Kudos to the friends and family who have selflessly shared their time and space with me during my visits! :-)

+ + +

Baltimore practically rocks when you got good company, lotsa drinks and a lotta dancing :-P Had my own mini-gals' night with old roomie Lucia at the various hotspots of the Harbor --- made me wish i had longer time in Baltimore/DC :-P The night was filled with sweet company, great music and a whole lotsa "interesting" sightings ;-) Where's my camera when i need it!??!!!

>>> Past pics of the grand place click here

+ + +

good music, good food! /jazz at Fells Point / lovin' the single's life! --- i's so odd to be in the pool again..../ "salsa dancing" /wee hours/ MTV2 / cuddling is always so nice / talking and champagne / Guinness Beer! / sweet... / PE??? / brunch with Crepes and a lotta gal talk / driving! / easy like a sunday morning... / complete turnovers are strangely amazing...

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